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moncler How to improve the sensitivity of private

How to improve the sensitivity of private parts
1 . Doing sports shrink Yam
PC muscles to tighten the pelvic muscles and nearby . Suppression efforts and methods of using urine , each for 2 seconds or more , three times a day ,cheap moncler online, 15 days a month insisted . This will not only be able to maintain a tight vagina , vaginal wall will promote blood circulation, increase its sensitivity.
2 trim body hair
Will affect the sensitivity of the private part of body hair , the best way is to "cut ." Hot wax hair removal cream will damage the skin with a variety of V region ,moncler online uk, causing unnecessary irritation or even bacterial infections. Although none of the above two trim so thorough and immediate , for V District Health , you can let the other half to organize the garden for you. Moreover, males use a razor every morning , their " gardening " technique much stronger than women .
3 . Use condoms
Cover not just " contraceptive " use,cheap moncler uk, it can isolate bacteria in semen ,cheap monlcer, skin diseases from the opposite sex ,monlcer online, such as herpes and papilloma viruses.
4 Thoroughly moisten
Into the dry state will cause damage to the vagina , even a very slight pain , the possibility of bacterial infection can not be ignored .

le 3 December 2013 (13:23)

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