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moncler Chinese medicine has

① liver
Chinese medicine has " to keep dirty dirty " argument , animal liver, rich in protein , fat and vitamins ,moncler uk sale, has Bushenyijing effect.
② shrimp
There are extremely rich shrimp -rich proteins, lipids ,cheap moncler uk, minerals and other nutrients, and shrimp extracts contain immune-boosting substances , so much prawns with kidney detoxification effect.
③ kidney Flowers
High cholesterol kidney flowers ,moncler outlet, suitable for human consumption, high blood lipids , but has spent the efficacy of kidney qi kidney , and are often used in the food people kidney .
⑤ eggs
Eggs are rich in protein, fat , vitamins and trace elements , is recognized as the most nutrient -rich foods, eat more eggs can promote growth, enhance immunity,cheap moncler outlet, but also a kind of longevity food.
⑥ chestnuts
Chestnut is not only the effect of spleen and stomach , the role is more kidney strong waist , eat chestnuts , can relieve back pain caused by kidney .
⑦ wolfberry
Kidney who eat wolfberry good effect, wolfberry has the effect of nourishing kidney , eat wolfberry also longevity, ease the long-term low back pain.
⑧ hippocampus
The hippocampus is the same as the kidney effects of ginseng have food , the value of some one with ginseng , hippocampus method of eating is ground into powder, with wine delivery service , insist on drinking every day ,monlcer for uk sale, can play kidney function.

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